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Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions – Semi Permanent Mink Volume

Full Set 3D Volume €60

Full Set 5D Volume €60

Full Set 7D Volume €80

Refill in 2-5 weeks 3D to 5D €40

Refill Mega Volume in 2-5 weeks 7D to 8D €50

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How long will my Lash Extensions last?

Eyelash extensions will last the lifetime of the natural lash which is approx. 5-8 weeks. The average person tends to lose 4-6 natural lashes per day, this is typically unnoticed. However, when a lash extension is applied you are more aware of the process since the faux lash is much longer than the natural lash.

Can I swim or wet my Eyelash Extensions?

During the first 24hrs after application the lashes must be kept dry, afterword’s its fine to get them wet.

What is the difference in the Volume size?

In simple terms, 3D is where 3 lashes are applied to one natural lash and all the way up to 7D, where there are 7 lashes applied to the one lash. The higher number ‘D’ the more volume is achieved.

Here at Diana’s Beauty Salon we use the highest quality lashes that are gently applied to your
own individual lash to lengthen, strengthen and thicken your overall lashes.
Our highly skilled lash technician ensures the application process is provided
at a high professional standard, that when worn correctly this will not damage the natural lash.

Let your eyes be mesmerized and enhance your look with our
faux semi-permanent mink eyelash extensions.

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