Diana's Beauty Saloon


Lay Down Sunbed €1 per min

Stand Up Sunbed €1 per min

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Warning you should never use a sunbed if you:

  • Have had skin cancer in the past
  • Family history of skin cancer
  • Have sunburn/skin damage
  • Burn easily in sunlight
  • Have skin that never tans or does with difficulty
  • Have fair or sensitive skin
  • Large number of freckles and/or red hair
  • Have large number of moles
Diana's Beauty Saloon

The Excellence 700 Turbo Power:

With its powerful 51 UV lamps this sunbed gives users an even, balanced and natural glowing tan within minutes. This lay-down sunbed has ultramodern functions such as refreshing aqua drizzle, aromatherapy sensors and a Vibra music sounds program that leaves you feeling comfortable, cool and totally relaxed.


Ergoline Sunrise 480:

 This stand-up sunbed allows users to get that even, attractive, caramel glow in minutes whilst becoming a fitness session at the same time.

The Vibra Shape simulates 20,000 steps in just 10 minutes! Vibration training has numerous positive effects on fitness. It supports muscle building, stimulates fat burning, tightens the connective tissue and promotes mobility and body coordination.